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Oh welp. I'll dump what's on my mind.

It follows episodic structure with one sword per ep. I'm not really fan of that unless it's slice of life because I think it's harder to have a plot moving forward.

I wouldn't say the plot was amazing, but the character development that comes with it is excellent. I would also say that it outperforms with its constraint of being episodic nature by adding some unconventional structure (I believe it was ep 4 with that MASSIVE TEASE from preview from the previous ep, I WAS BUTTMAD) but it might have been a bad choice from the beginning to choose such a structure to follow.


Either love it or hate it part of this show would be the amount of dialogue. It's safe to say they talk for about 40 mins per 50 mins episode ahaha. Personally, I liked it just like the one from bakemonogatari. Especially liked how well fitting "you will be torn into pieces by the time" was time to time.

Speaking of OP and ED, I think the first OP was alright but other than that, there wasn't much to grab my attention. However, the overall music score and sound effects used were amazing imo. Some of them are used often but I found it very suiting. Especially the BGM last ep lol, but I wouldn't say the music are good as stand alones.

The art was quite refreshing to me with those eyes drawn like that. People call it minimalism or something similar. I wonder why they didn't use the art style in ep7 consistently. The thick lines were absolutely beautiful but I guess it comes down to personal preference. On another note, since this was an OVA series, some of the action sequences could've been improved a bit

Sometimes things go sorta over the top lol. Notable mention goes to the last episode which was epic with shichika LITERALLY GOING YOLO ahaha.

And btw I loved the voice acting.

Regarding the ending...I'm not entirely sure whether I got trolled or that it implies it's happy and hopeful for us the audience because it's ok to not be able to change anything???

8/10. Loved the dialogue and also the final couple:)

BTW the gifs I made are from ep 4 and 12 respectively.

I didn't dislike lel

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