Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Katanagatari -The Story of Swords-

EPIC ! I don't know another words to describe it, just epic.... Really good story, and it's my first time to watch such anime that have a narator inside it lol. Although the duration is so long (about 50 minutes, almost 1 hour XD so be patient when watching this series), it's worth watching it. They have great soundtracks too. No regret.

The story itself was telling about Togame, who was searching for a new right hand after betrayals to her from her excrews for her mission, searching 12 legendary swords. She sails the sea and arrive on a liveless island. Nobody live there except two brother and sister, Shichika Yasuri and Nanami Yasuri. Both are the daughter and son of hero from past that has been deported into the island. And then something happen and blah blah blah, I don't want to spoil it XP

I know it's too late for write an article about this anime, but I will do what I like, ahaha forget it swt.

After browsing on Google and Zerochan I don't saw so much fanart for this anime, I think I will make some doodles like KagePro, or maybe a serious one ? Just see XP

Now I wondering, should I watch Bakemonogatari too ? Since the author is same, I think Bakemonogatari is worth to watch too...


I make a doodle of Shichika Yasuri.
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