Friday, July 12, 2013

Cowboy Bebop


Holycrap last three episodes are freaking amazing hooooooolyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Ok. I think last three episodes deserve solid 9/10 or even 10/10. But to get there...It takes 23 episodes.... It takes 23 episodes of teasing out what happened to the each of the characters and their resolution. The only reason I was able to push persist through was because so many people on the internet liked it. Never trust strangers' opinions lel.

The chronic problem I had with this anime is that 1. it's episodic, which is similar to katanagatari 2. no plot driving forward nor hardly any character development until the very end. I have sort of mixed feeling whether it was worth my time watching all the prev eps just to enjoy the epicness of last 3 eps. This anime seems to be just about the character's past and their inability to move forward, which is ok idea, but maybe not for an anime that goes for 26 eps...

The overall choreography was top notch imo. I keep mentioning last three eps but there were other animation bumps scattered throughout the series appropriately, which I liked. One thing I found astounding was the consistency in art. Well, the only other pre-2000 anime I watched is NGE, which is a BIG contrast to cowboy bebop in terms of consistency in the art. Also keep in mind that this is TV series AND 26 episodes. Sunrise sure spent quite a bit of money here lol.

Music score used was staggeringly good, especially since I enjoy jazzy ones. Especially the Call Me in ep 24, alter. ver. of the real folk blues and Blue at the end...Although I couldn't really sympathise with any characters, I had some feeling creeping up on me at its conclusion.

OP and ED are both awesome but personally liked the ED more, the ED song "" is one of my favourite.

5/10 without last 3 episodes but 7/10 overall. Lack of plot dragging it down heavily.

Somewhere, somehow

BTW I met this baka gaijin in a con claiming that cowboy bebop is the best thing in the anime industry and is really deep and metaphorical. Saying that it's all a dream. uhhh wat? Not really deep I would say. The only metaphor that was significant was them deluding themselves that it's only a dream, a form of escapism. But man tough that's life you die if you dwell in past and can't move forward.
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