Friday, July 12, 2013

[Anime] Hataraku Maou-sama!

8/10 (VERY GOOD)

OP: 'ZERO!!' by Minami Kuribayashi

ED: 'Tsuki Hana' by nano.RIPE

At first glance this show looks like Working!! in MAOYU clothes, but there's actually more to it. Surely, anime about demons and heroes of all kinds and types and sizes are abundant lately, and yet Maou-sama manages to be charming in its own way. Calling this show a pure comedy would be a mistake, but the funny side of this anime is plain hilarious. The serious bits (with demon battles and all that jazz) do come off as somewhat forced, but I guess they can be treated as a part of the setting and also the main driving force behind the plot. Still, this clash of genres makes the overall level of the series not as high as it could have been. Some episodes were outright boring (I mean the middle part of the series).

In my opinion, one of the strong points of this show is the characters. I mean, have you seen Maou's delicious perfect legs? No wonder everyone ends up in his harem. Ahem. I mean, the cast is very good. Even Emi wasn't particularly annoying. Chi-chan seemed like an anime girl I wouldn't normally like, but I ended up liking her the best, just because her feelings are so pure.

I think I wouldn't have enjoyed this anime as much as I did, if it were animated by some other studio and not White Fox (the studio behind the masterpieces like Steins;Gate and Katanagatari). They did an awesome job. The main OP and ED videos are outstanding (didn't skip them even once).

I really hope for a continuation.

P.S. Remembered one funny incident when some anon on Twitter told me to stop calling Maou-sama "Moe-sama" and even asked if I know what "moe" is. (I think I replied smth and then blocked them because that's how I deal with people who tell me what I should and shouldn't tweet.) And a couple of weeks later Maou-san himself appeared in one of Saimoe exhibitions. Ha-ha!
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