Thursday, October 24, 2013

Great Anime

I realized yesterday that its been a while since I've seen really good anime.Kamisama no inai nichiyoubi was pretty good, but it wasn't epic the way I had hoped.Shingeki no kyoujin is.But the problem is, as good as the plot may be, I discovered the manga first, and so I knew what was going to happen the whole season.The animation and framing is enjoyable though.Last year katanagatari, anohana were the best ones I saw that I can remember off the top of my head.But a lot of what I watch isnt that memorable.Watching new anime as it comes out is directly exploring, which is good.I watch the raws for those, so I get japanese practice out of it regardless.But there are 25~ series at least, every season.Some of them are continuations, but the rest are new.Ive watched and dumped quite a few this month already.As time passes, it gets easier to tell which ones were good and which ones weren't worth watching.To a point.Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann scored a 7.8 on one sight, but I thought it was a 9.There are anime that fill certain slots in an otaku's life.My generation had the sailor moon thing, now its precure, maybe?.hack is now SAO.You watch one, and any after it seem the same, because you saw that one first.This is usually where ratings and my impressions dont match up. That 3 episode rule, sometimes its good, but I believe that in the first episode, you can get a feel for the whole thing.Madoka Magica doesnt go all dark until the third episode, but in the first one someones trying to kill off the mascot, and the feeling is already there.Samurai Champloo, 1 episode was enough.Some, the first episode is the best one.Ga Rei Zero had an awesome first one.The series was pretty good, but the beginning tops the whole season.I wish I didnt know what was going to happen when I watched it though.Thats the other thing.I have a sort of neurosis about which way I experience a series, because once you know the plot, theres no going back.Watch a crappy anime, and when you switch to the manga it makes it harder to read sometimes.Though, if you insist on watching the junk one, do it first.Like, dragon ball legends, that live action, probably isnt as bad if you dont know what dragon ball is.
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