Friday, August 23, 2013

Animation Talk: Anime Recommendation 3

Yes, another list of anime that I can recommend for some reason or another. Not all of these might suit your tastes, but in my description I will give my reasons why you should watch these and if those aren't enough for you, then it might not be for you (although it doesn't hurt to check out the first episode at least).

1. Beelzebub (60 episodes)

Thoughts and Predictions On the Animusic Tournament

The first round of the has just begun - go vote if you haven't already -and already, I can feel the disappointment starting to pile up. Intellectually, I know only one song can win in the end and I am excited to see how the matches play out but it's hard to watch favorite songs, or even just well-liked songs, not do as well as one feels they should. Before moving onto my predictions I wanted to highlight these already fallen songs.

I really don't have room to complain - and that's why I'm not - over the number of songs that made it into the tournament from my nomination ballot. If we look at my ballot to see how they ranked

So some site on the interwebs decided to make the Top 20 anime of 2010s

I couldn't contain myself, I'm on f*cking vacation and I see this . Besides the point that we have not completed the decade some websitedecided that it should ask viewers what the best (or best to represent depending on translation) 20 anime of the decade has been. And to put it bluntly the list is absolute shit and here it is...

1. K-ON!!- Boring as hell

2. A Certain Scientific Railgun- A fun series but not a top twenty

Galilei Barrasters: Yasuomi UMETSU Returns


Above is a 45 second teaser for WIZARD BARRISTERS: VALVE MAGICIAN CECIL / , which will be the director's second original project since the rather disappointing KITE LIBERATOR from 2008. All of the director's trademarks - unique and somewhat doll-like character designs, completely over the top action, cute incidental characters and a flash of nudity (hardcore or otherwise) - are in full force, and it leaves me absolutely thrilled to see Umetsu doing something that... y'know, isn't the last 20 minutes of that Dante's Inferno game tie-in trainwreck project. It's set for a 2014 release, and if this trailer is even remotely true - an action packed courtroom drama about magical shenanigans?! -I couldn't be more excited.